For the number crunchers out there, here are the hard facts you’ve been waiting for.

  • Number of days for the whole trip: 5.
  • Days spent fishing: 3.
  • Hours spent fishing: 26.
  • Number of species caught: 11.
  • Largest catch: 13 kg.
  • Bottles of wine consumed: 5.


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Besides these statistics, there are a few things that are worth mentioning that really stand out among the other fantastic moments.

Day One Highlights


We started the day by travelling to Copenhagen airport. During the ride, we talked at length about how great the fishing would be. Like any real fishermen, we were pumping up for the big adventure, blowing our own expectations out of the water. So for, everything was normal.

The first highlight was when we landed in Oslo, only to realize that there was no chance to make it to our connecting flight, since we had to recheck our luggage. How is that a highlight? Well, it turned out that our connecting flight had a twenty minute delay, which was exactly what we needed to make it — including all our fishing gear and other luggage. Outstanding!

But the day had one more fantastic highlight for us. Going out to dinner that night, we stumbled upon a nice restaurant where they served whale steak. Since neither one of us had ever tried it, we decided to give it a go. Turned out it was a real treat, and thus we ended day one with nice wine, a whale steak, and more talk about the fantastic place we had found. Tomorrow…fishing time!
dinner - whale

Day Two Highlights

Our first fishing day saw some great action, and besides a number of cod, one of us (not me!) had the great fortune to first land a monkfish, and later on a wolffish. To rare encounters even in these fantastic waters, and a great way to start our fishing adventure!


Day Three Highlights

On the second day of fishing, there was a thick fog rolling on across the water. Of course, we ignored it and kept on fishing, exactly like our wives had advised us… In the silent and magical setting, we managed to catch the two biggest cods of the whole trip. One of them (not mine!) turned out to be the biggest catch of the day, weighing in a 13 kg, which we of course celebrated thoroughly in the evening!

jan_cod bild 11 bk_cod

Day Four Highlights

The last day of fishing, and we went out there with guns blazing, thinking that we would strike big. Turns out we didn’t…it was a quite slow fishing day, with some good action from cod before lunch, and almost nothing in the afternoon. Not wanting to give up, we drifted along a 70 meter deep stretch, not getting any bites. One of us (not me!) started to lose focus, but on the very last drop of a colorful jig, something heavy came alive close to the bottom.

After a good fight, a big wolffish surfaced, expertly landed on the boat by my fishing companion. Even in the darkest moments…great things can still happen!


But one magnificent moment was still to come. Later that evening, two starving fishermen had a dinner consisting of cod fried in butter, new potatoes, mushrooms, and a sauce based on white wine. Food for kings! Perhaps the best dinner ever, and an unbeatable way to close out the fishing adventure. Together with the last of our whisky, and whatever wine remained!


Day Five Highlights

Going home is always bitter sweet after such a great event, but it turned out to be a pleasant journey home with lots of laughter and stories about our fishing.


Of course, the highlight that remains is the one that got away…you wouldn’t believe how big it was!

These were only some of the highlights on an unforgettable fishing adventure.

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