It was early morning. From a blue sky, the sun was curiously looking down at two men, loading suspicious-looking luggage into the back of a pickup truck.


They started driving south, and after an hour they left Sweden and continued to the international airport in Copenhagen, Denmark. Their luggage was special enough that it could not be checked in with the regular bags. After some discussions with the airport staff, even the large black cylindrical container — looking like a bazooka, to be honest — was checked in.

As the men went into one of the lounges for frequent flyers, the luggage started moving towards a plane destined for Oslo, Norway.

A beer and some olives later, the men made their way to the gate, sitting with an empty seat between them. One listening to music, the other reading a fishing magazine. They did not speak much, and didn’t interact with any of the other passengers.

Arriving in Oslo, they looked at their mobile phones and quickly realized that they would not be able to make it to the connecting flight. Their luggage had to be rechecked before continuing to their destination, and there was just not enough time for that.

Strangely enough, their connecting flight was 20 minutes late. Whether depending on luck or something else, they were soon seated on another plane, this time on a two hour flight going straight north, to a place where summer knows no darkness, and where winter knows no light.


To be continued…

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